This comprehensive compendium is a product of fifty-five years of continuous research. It contains 10,000 carefully selected Yoruba proverbs, fables and legends, categorised under 32 headings with appropriate translations into the English language. The collection, which includes 77 pictorial illustrations, designed to aid the reader’s understanding of the Yoruba culture, is an invaluable reservoir of the time honoured¬† wisdom of our elders.

The author also devotes a section of the book to a brief account of the origin, cultural heritage and population distribution of the Yoruba people worldwide, together with an alphabetical listing of 130 notable Nigerians of Yoruba origin, who have written their names in gold on the pages of the Nigerian history. These heroes and heroines deserve to have their achievements celebrated.

It is expected that this book will be handy and useful to researchers, public speakers, songwriters, song composers, lecturers, students and all lovers of Yoruba language and literature.


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