About Us

West African Book Publishers Limited (WABP) was incorporated as a limited liability company on August 7, 1963. It is one of the earliest indigenous publishing firms in Nigeria. From the outset, WABP was to pioneer the publishing of books and magazines of international standard and this resulted in the publication in 1964 of Yoruba Ronu, a photoplay magazine edited by the late dramatist, Hubert Ogunde. Following the success of this entertainment publication, two other photoplay magazines, Atoka and Magnet, were introduced to the Nigerian market in 1967. Atoka was so enthusiastically received that it ran virtually uninterrupted for 22 years. Other magazines produced by the company then were Lagos Life and Monthly Life.


The book publishing division of WABP traces its origin to 1971 when it published a series of health journals, You and Yours, You and Your Baby, etc. which were distributed free to the public as a guide to family health care. The journals were discontinued in 1975.

From 1982, however, WABP published several educational titles, at first, under license from Afram Publications Ltd (Ghana) before ultimately starting off the publishing of its own titles from 1984.This inter-regional business relationship has extended to another Ghanaian publisher, Sam-Woode Limited (SWL). The arrangement confers on WABP the rights to publish, distribute and market children’s readers and other textbooks currently used in Ghanaian schools and vice versa. Since we started producing our own titles, we have continually churned out books for various fields and strata. Our resolve to continually contribute to the educational development of the African child has informed our adoption of the slogan: WABP BOOKS…….. an investment in your child’s future.

Besides the publishing of books and charts for pre-school, nursery, primary and secondary schools, WABP also produces titles for the use of tertiary and professional institutions. The company handles special publications such as biographies, autobiographies, and maps. For example, the Lagos Street Maps published in 1992 to assist visitors and residents alike, locating their destinations around Lagos.


An aspect of publishing which the company has been involved in since its early years is diary production. Its first diaries, which set the pace for other companies, were produced in 1973. They have been serving not only as a record book for day to day happenings, but also as an advertising medium for various companies, as well as a business and information guide. Over the years, many companies appreciate the benefits of promoting their corporate image through this medium. Subsequently, as a result of the changes in taste and fashion, diaries of various designs are customised to satisfy the peculiar desires of clients. We also complement this with our professional advice on economic sizes, formats, paper types and additional features that make the tailor-made diaries to be of international standard. This unit has adopted the slogan: WABPHome of diaries distinction.

Our clientele includes engineering and construction companies, financial institutions, oil and gas companies, educational institutions, professional bodies, government and their parastatals, etc. Today, WABP is proud to acknowledge its leadership position in the field of diary production in Nigeria.


WABP’s outstanding performance over the years in the publication of  high quality diaries, books and other printed matters has earned her favourable reputation. Hence, commendation and recommendation from individuals, business organisations, professional bodies, stakeholders in the educational sector, the government circle and international bodies, continue to swell. Some of WABP’s books have received international awards. Ifa Festival (Odun Ifa) by Dr.Abosede Emanuel, won the 2001 Noma Award for publishing in Africa, while in 2004, A Dictionary of Yoruba Personal Names by ljoye  Dr. Adeboye Babalola, won an Honourable Mention for the Noma Award.


As a dynamic publishing company, WABP’s list of published works is on the increase with more interesting titles being added yearly. These exploits have been made possible by a vibrant formidable personnel, a lot of hard work and determination. Our pride lies in the extensive experience and professionalism of our staff in the various units of the publishing outfit. We recruit, empower and upgrade our employees to improve our processes, meet up with global best practices and surpass clients’ expectations.


Our blend of fast operation, optimal productivity and prompt delivery is made possible by the solid backing of our sister company – Academy Press Plc, with whom we print our jobs. The advanced technical expertise of AP Plc, with her array of modem printing and finishing machines, among other resources, has distinguished our products and continually given us an edge over our competitors.


Presently, WABP has its headquarters in Lagos with seven area offices/depots and representatives in all the 36 states of the Federation, including FCT Abuja. The area offices/depots and their locations are:

  1. Lagos Head Office
  2. West Area
  3. Mid-West Area
  4. East Area
  5. North-Central Area
  6. North-East West Area
  7. North-West Depot
  8. North East Depot

Lagos, Ibadan, Benin City, Owerri, Abuja, Kaduna and Kano


West African Book Publishers Limited is affiliated to a number of professional groups and associations both locally and internationally. It is also a functional and financial member of the following bodies:

  • Nigerian Publishers Association (NPA)
    • Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN)
    • Nigerian Employers Consultative Association (NECA)


As a wholly indigenous publishing company, WABP has established itself in the forefront of the industry. The company is determined to sustain this growth by ensuring its operational processes are continually reviewed and improved. We believe, by channelling quality human and material resources rightly, operating in line with statutory and regulatory requirements, and best global best practices, we will continually fulfil the funding fathers’ dreams, meet customers’ yearnings, satisfy the employees, reap good returns on investment and drive the organisation to greater heights.