Dr.Abosede Emanuel

Year Published 2000

Size:160mm x 207mm

Page extent: 680pages

ISBN:  978-153-062-8

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In this Noma Award Winner book, the author has organised his presentation of Odun lfa (Ifa Festival) in to ten parts – starting with preliminaries (Part I)followed by an Introduction (Part II ),in which  the fundamental question: ‘What is lfa?’ Is addressed (Part IIA).

In the same Part II, the author discusses the language of lfa (Part II B) and follows immediately with a discourse on religious and philosophical ideas in lfa (Part II C), bringing Part II to a conclusion with a discussion of alternate views on translation and autograph (Part IID).The author proceeds in Part illto the stages of the Rites in lfa Worship and follows this with a presentation, in Yoruba – but with accompanying English translation of the 16 paired Odu of lfa(Part IV), Inaugural Odun (Part V) and Conjuration Odu (Part VI).

The author concludes his presentation of Odun lfa (Ifa festival) with an intimate account of the casting of Kolanuts. (Part VII), Concluding Sacrificial Rites (Part VIII), Chants after Sacrifice (Part IX), Divination (Part X) and Appendices.




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