C.U. Chukwudifu, Keye Abiona, O.C.Adebanwi

Year Published 1999

Size: 260mmx205mm

Revised: 2006, 2012

Page extent: 104 pages

ISBN :978-978-153-496-6



Our Learn English series (Books 1-6) covers all aspects of the 9-year Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) on Primary English Language of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The series is unique and indispensable as it is designed to help pupils master the fundamentals of English. The Learn English series is a product of research and experience by the authors who have taught English for decades and are still teaching the language.

The key features of   this edition are:

  • Colourful pages to capture attention;
  • Brilliant illustrations  to sustain learning;  exciting poems and songs to fire pupils’ imagination;
  • Strict consideration of the age and experience of pupils;
  • Covers all aspects of language: Speech (sounds), Lexis (vocabulary), Structure (grammar);
  • Interesting comprehension passages that are within the experience and environment of the pupils;
  • Learning English is made easy through the step

by step approach; the communicative approach to

teaching and learning English is employed;

  • All language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) are taken care of in each unit of the series;
  • All books in the series are designed to prepare pupils for the secondary


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