Okpanachi Joseph Adejoh

Year Published: 2018

Size: 200mm x 140mm

Pageextent: 158pages

ISBN: 978-978-153-872-8


If, as a ruler, you are faced with either sacrificing your only cherished daughter or stand the risk of losing your kingdom, what will you do? That was At a Ayegba’s dilemma.

If, as a child, you are to give up your own life to save your kingdom, ruled by your father from being vanquished, what will you do?That was what Inikpi had to contend with.

The quagmire At a Ayegba and his beloved daughter lnikpi faced, was far worse than being between the devil and the deep blue sea. But how did they even get into all these in the first place? And how did they cope?


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