Clement U. Chukwudifu

Year Published: 2010

Size: 185mm x 120mm

Page extent: 208 pages

ISBN : 978-978-153-427-0

Categories: ,


In Oma, everybody is one and the same. But when it comes to taking the highest title in the land -Alor Title – the intended recipient must not be of questionable roots. Odika is a settler in Oma and has achieved great wealth and fame through hardwork and diligence. His marriage to Tutara, a beautiful woman who doubts his roots, produces four children. But Odika is not satisfied, as his major desire of taking the Alor  title faces serious debates. With a mild support from Konda, the village head, and a serious resistance from some of the villagers, the bid for the Alor  title becomes tougher. Does he eventually get the Alor title? Or does he decide to go back to his original village to wrest the kingship from his greedy brother The Noble One is one of the engaging novels in the Great Minds Series. The story is filled with intrigues and struggle for nobility in a “strange land”.



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