Kweku E. Sam-Woode

Year Published 1995

Size: 270mm x 200mm

Revised, 2004

Page extent:64pages

ISBN: 978-978-153-129-0


The series is for learning to write, as writing is a vital aspect of learning. Books 1-3 are specially designed to provide controlled exercises for Lower Primary pupils to learn to write neatly, legibly and accurately.

There are relevant drawings which pupils would love to colour as they learn to think creatively. In Book 1 the pupil is helped to do some pattern writing and to copy words and short sentences accurately.

Book 2 helps the pupils to learn the correct letter formation, to do more patterns, and to copy words and sentences accurately. Book 3 helps the pupils to practise pattern writing.  Book 4 has both joint and cursive versions. 100 Book 5 and 6 further provide more exercises for the pupil in writing the joint and cursive versions.


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