Angela Oluwaseun Owoyemi

Year Published: 2011

Size: 188mmx 247mm

Page extent: 88pages

ISBN: 978-978-153-502-4

Categories: ,


WABP Bible Word-Search is an assemblage of various scriptural themes structured to task the memory of readers and enhance their understanding of the Bible. The author’s aim is to make the searchers apply patience, determination, thoughtfulness and logical reasoning to solve given tasks in an enjoyable and fun-filled environment.

Some of the Bible themes explored are:

  • Creation
  • Favourite Bible stories
  • Miracles in the Bible
  • Some judges in old Testament
  • Old testament names of God
  • God’s Commandment
  • The Kings in the Bible,


WABP Bible Word-Search encourages logical mental development and helps the user acquire a positive mindset to learning. It is both educative and entertaining.




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